Segunda-feira, 24 Maio 2021

A China comunista prepara-se para invadir Taiwan com o apoio explícito do corrupto Joe Biden

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“Australia’s military is ‘weak,’ ‘insignificant’ and will be the ‘first hit’ in any potential conflict over Taiwan, Chinese propagandists have warned.

The chilling message in the Communist Party mouthpiece, the Global Times, comes as Australian naval forces completed war game exercises with the US, France and Japan held between May 11 and 17 in the East China Sea.

The first ever training drill between the four nations called Exercise Jeanne d’Arc 21 – or ARC21 – practiced amphibious assaults, urban warfare and anti-aircraft defence – and was met with fury by Beijing.”

O corrupto João Bidé apoia discretamente a invasão comunista, a troco de milhares de milhões de US Dollars para os bolsos de seus familiares (seu filho Hunter Biden incluído) provenientes da China comunista.

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