Sábado, 16 Abril 2016

Os progressistas são quase todos assim


«O candidato mais à esquerda de entre todos os que pretendem suceder a Barack Obama na Casa Branca, Bernie Sanders, discursou esta sexta-feira no Vaticano, onde denunciou a "economia contemporânea imoral e insustentável".»

Bernie Sanders foi ao Vaticano denunciar uma "economia imoral e insustentável"

“Bernie Sanders took a private jet to the Vatican to address a conference on wealth inequality on Friday, hours after attacking Hillary Clinton over her stance on fossil fuels.

The Democratic candidate is believed to have flown with fewer than 50 people aboard the Delta 767, a jet that can carry between 211 and 261 people”.

Bernie Sanders takes private jet for 24-hour trip to Vatican after attacking Hillary Clinton on climate change

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