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Only the French rejected an EU resolution to give Afro-Europeans special treatment  

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EU passes a resolution calling for Afro-Europeans to receive preferential treatment

A few days ago the EU passed a resolution called “Fundamental Rights of People of African Descent in Europe.” It was introduced by a member of the British Labour party who was born in India.The resolution calls for preferential treatment for “Afro-Europeans” of “sub-Saharan African descent” to counter the alleged effects of “Afrophobia.”African immigrants living in Europe typically have a far higher standard of living than their counterparts in Africa. They also have far more rights, privileges, and entitlements. This is why they go to great lengths to try to move to Europe.

However, the resolution makes wild unsubstantiated conspiratorial claims of Afro-Europeans being oppressed, mistreated, and targeted for crimes.The resolution calls for Afro-Europeans to disproportionately benefit from Government spending. “People of African descent should be taken into account more in current funding programmes.” It also calls on European…

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  1. mas está tudo maluco.

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    Comentar por António Queirós — Quarta-feira, 3 Abril 2019 @ 1:51 pm | Responder

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