Segunda-feira, 25 Setembro 2017

My FaceBook account was suspended subjectively and allegedly for “hate speech”

Filed under: Geral — O. Braga @ 6:15 pm

Portuguese Pundit

Nobody can define “hate speech”, except FaceBook: “hate speech” is whatever a libtard working at FaceBook subjectively wants it to be.

The reason I was suspended by a Zuckerberg’s moron is this photo:

The FaceBook’s Lib Turd considered the photo as “hate speech” because it has the word “feminism” written on it.

I shall not post directly in FaceBook anymore: from now on, all the posts published in my FaceBook account will be coming from Twitter.

Furthermore, I will use FaceBook platform to promote other similar platforms and humbly contribute to FaceBook’s destruction — because we have qualified alternatives, as follows:

Fuck You, Zuckerberg!

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