Sexta-feira, 30 Agosto 2013

E ainda criticam os russos?!

Filed under: curiosidades — O. Braga @ 9:19 pm

«In Europe, there are a lot of ridiculous laws. drunken-people-crossing.jpg

For example, in the UK you can not turn a post stamp with an image of the royal family the sticky side up – it is regarded as treason. One is not allowed to wear knightly armor in the building of the English Parliament.

Archery on the Welsh in Chester is possible only after midnight. Men are allowed to urinate in public places, only if it is being done standing by the rear wheel of the car, with the right hand put on the car.

In London, according to the established law, men can beat their wives only after nine o’clock in the evening, not to disturb neighbors. In Scotland, if someone knocks on to your house and asks to use your toilet, the law requires you to let the person in.»

— Via Pravda

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