Quarta-feira, 29 Maio 2013

O perigo da ideologia de Poder despótico do movimento político homossexualista

«But the LGBT movement is based on an ideology of power (NOT love), which will allow some adults to recruit, brainwash, and exploit young people into their network of behavior. The movement is based on a false ideology of biological determinism, predicated on the notion that people are “born” gay and “cannot change” and “do not have a choice.”

These notions, combined with the idea that certain gay “experts” have “gaydar” and can identify homosexuality in others before they are willing to admit it to themselves, amount to a police state of surveillance and intimidation.

In the name of forcing people to accept “who they are,” LGBT organizations have sought to gain institutional control over the education system, the media, the two-party system, churches, commerce, and finally, the forces of international violence embodied in the military, intelligence organizations, and state departments of countries that have bowed to the demands of this lobby.

The LGBT movement progressed from recruiting young people, to now demanding the “right” to children, a “right” expressed through the lens of property and privilege. It is natural that a movement so devoted to controlling other people would eventually seek to buy people and own them, in the name of “giving them a family.”

The latter euphemism is outrageous because it elides the reality of what gay parenting is — it is the systematic denial of children’s bonds to their mothers, fathers, and heritage, in order to satisfy the consumer demands of gay adults starved for love. Perez Hilton stated it best when he explained why he bought a child through a surrogate mother: “Boyfriends and husbands come and go, but a child’s love is forever.”

Love that’s extorted from a powerless being who has no choice is not love. It is something sick and demented, which perhaps needs a new name to match the uniquely twisted familial aspirations of the LGBT movement. The LGBT movement is slowly branching out into artificial reproduction technologies like insemination and surrogacy, pushing the international boundaries of this commerce to maximize their access to wombs and sperm, while also infecting the legal systems of country after country in order to make the human trafficking, slavery, and child abuse of this form of parenting “legal.” Remember that many dictators have acted fully within the laws, because they wrote the laws themselves. That’s how we ended up with slavery, reservations, and concentration camps.

If the LGBT movement wins, the human race will be redefined. Our bodies will be defined as physical entitlements belonging to other people. Free will as a philosophy and an ethos will have been conquered in favor of hyper-instutionalized, market-driven totalitarianism. We can NOT give up this fight.

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