Sexta-feira, 14 Setembro 2012

Venice 2012: Ulrich Seidl on His Controversial “Paradise: Faith”

VENICE — The Venice Film Festival competition entry Paradise: Faith by Austrian director Ulrich Seidl caused an uproar in the Italian media after it premiered Thursday at the Lido. The film — the second in a trilogy that started with Paradise: Love, which premiered in Competition at Cannes in May and told the story of a female sex tourist in Africa — is an exploration of religion and oppression.

Austrian actress Maria Hofstatter plays Anna-Maria, an obsessively devoted Catholic who is unhappily married to a handicapped Muslim and, at one point, masturbates using a cross.

via Venice 2012: Ulrich Seidl on His Controversial "Paradise: Faith" (Q&A) – The Hollywood Reporter.

Isn’t there any better way for a female to masturbate herself than using an iron or a wooden object? Wouldn’t be more practical using, for example… hmmmm… a finger?! Why not a dildo? Perhaps a cross shaped dildo for a catholic woman would be more suitable, wouldn’t it?

There is no excuse for a nasty taste and for the contemporary adoration of the ugly. There is no excuse for modern ethical and creativity decadence. Creativity without a strong critical sense is irrationality.


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  1. O que ainda me admira é eu continuar a admirar-me com esta boçalidade. Que nojo!

    Comentar por Inspector Jaap — Sexta-feira, 14 Setembro 2012 @ 11:37 am | Responder

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