Domingo, 12 Agosto 2012

Os Jogos Olímpicos e o culto da igualdade

Egalitarianism, rooted in the delusions of the pseudo-Enlightenment and first given bloody expression in the French Revolution, is the deadly enemy of civilisation and freedom. The Austrian political scientist Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn analysed the phenomenon 60 years ago in his book Liberty Or Equality. He maintained that all democracies eventually produce tyranny – a transition we are experiencing today in Europe and North America – because they are rooted in manipulation of popular sentiment, the seedbed of totalitarianism.

The cult of equality is a mental illness, derived from the psychosis that is liberalism, reaching pandemic proportions in western society. Every corporation has an “equality” division; every area of life, now including marriage, is to be engineered in the interests of equality. When a Conservative-led government has an equalities minister, who can seriously claim we live in a post-Marxist era? Ever since the charlatan Rousseau penned his Big Lie – “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains” – narcissistic egalitarianism has caused the violent deaths of millions. The same hypocrite and founder of sentimental “child-centred” education abandoned his own children; but his deluded theories rule British classrooms today.

The one class exempted from the constraints of equality is the plutocracy: nobody tugs the forelock to billionaires with more servility than the apostles of enforced equality. Banks that are pillaging the world proudly flaunt equality and diversity codes. Human beings are not equal physically, intellectually, morally or in any other respect; on the contrary, they exhibit as many distinctions as there are individuals on the planet. To pretend otherwise is pushing water uphill. Do not be surprised, though, if the British team at the next Olympics is based on quotas, with inclusive representation of electronically tagged ­offenders and the clinically obese.

via Gerald Warner: Scourge of equality will throw Britain off the podium – Comment –


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