Sábado, 4 Agosto 2012

Nobrainers shooting at their own feet

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«Remarkable things are imposed on you and you might not even notice. It begins with the currently frequent helping intervention of politics in economic matters.»

via Your Savings, Our Money, Their Folly | The Brussels Journal.

A sign of stupidity is switching causes and effects; it is, for instance, attributing the blame to politics when the cause of present disgrace lies firstly upon the so called “free market”.

For example, in the case of Spain — as in Ireland —, only two years ago the state’s debt was inferior to Germany’s, bearing in mind of course the percentage of the GNP. And Spain’s state deficit was lower than Germany’s too. And even so, the stupid northern accountant’s mentality goes on denying the obvious: the “free market” was at the base of problem, not politics itself.

One may criticize politics for some wrong steps taken meanwhile as dealing with the problem. But it a completely abnormal stupidity putting the blame firstly on politics.

When George Soros almost led the British pound to bankruptcy back in 1993, no one could cleverly say that the blame had to be put on politics; of course politics would be then at least partially unwary, but that was not the cause of the problem. And therefore and similarly, is a complete nobrainer forgetting the responsibilities of the “free market” as far as the actual debt crisis is concerned.


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