Quarta-feira, 2 Novembro 2011

Cuidado com as ciências sociais e humanas !

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A ciência abstrai-se da realidade dos fenómenos e cria teoreticamente, a partir desses fenómenos, leis gerais. A partir desta premissa, é possível manipular dados transformando a ciência em ideologia política.

A possibilidade de manipulação e falsificação de dados aumenta exponencialmente nas chamadas “ciências sociais e humanas” — economia, psicologia, politologia, sociologia, antropologia, etc.

One of the Netherlands’ leading social psychologists made up or manipulated data in dozens of papers over nearly a decade, an investigating committee has concluded.

Diederik Stapel was suspended from his position at Tilburg University in the Netherlands in September after three junior researchers reported that they suspected scientific misconduct in his work. Soon after being confronted with the accusations, Stapel reportedly told university officials that some of his papers contained falsified data.

The university launched an investigation, as did the University of Groningen and the University of Amsterdam, where Stapel had worked previously. The Tilburg commission today released an interim report (in Dutch), which includes preliminary results from all three investigations. The investigators found “several dozens of publications” in which fictitious data has been used. Fourteen of the 21 Ph.D. theses Stapel supervised are also tainted, the committee concluded.

via Report: Dutch ‘Lord of the Data’ Forged Dozens of Studies – ScienceInsider.


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