Segunda-feira, 13 Junho 2011

Guerra cultural: «I’m coming out as a ‘homosceptic’»

Last year’s election in the United Kingdom threw up some interesting results as a variety of issues took prominence in different constituencies. In particular we saw strong reactions to four conservative parliamentary candidates who had, either during the campaign or previously, held views which were judged as being “homophobic”.

Philip Lardner lost his candidacy for saying that homosexuality was “not normal behaviour” – sacked by party leader David Cameron. The uproar surrounding Philippa Stroud’s Christian beliefs about the issue was a major factor in her failing to take Sutton and Cheam for the Tories. Chris Grayling’s comments about Christians offering “bed and breakfast” being justified in denying double beds to gay couples staying in their homes almost certainly cost him a cabinet post.

Theresa May managed to hold on as Equality Minister after the election, despite over 70,000 people joining a Facebook group asking for her to be sacked on the basis of her past “homophobic” voting record, when she said her views on homosexuality had now changed.

Being judged “homophobic” can cost you dearly.

(ler o resto)

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