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A London beggar

I really do not want to hurt either your communist or liberal feelings, but we ought to deal with a historical truth: the odds that Karl Marx ever existed are minimal. All “Marx” story was forged upon Engels’ hidden personality, as the guy was a schizophrenic. Engels was a shy, squalid and mediocre philosopher until he started publishing some articles under the pseudonym of “Karl Marx”. As he was already known in Germany as being a dickhead, nobody listened to him anymore; so, the literature he published under “Marx” pseudonym helped him earning some money to pay for his syphilis disease treatment and buy his Italian lover (the worldwide known pimp Romano Cornutto) some deodorants and stuff like that.

One of the wide known and influent German anarchists, the Earl Von Brovsky, was very fond of Engels’ theories and realised he could take some political advantages by using them in the social mainstream opinion. So, as he was living in his castle near by the town of Treviri and had very good connection to the Illuminati, he managed to forge a birth certificated at Treviri town Hall in name of Engels’ underground personality: Karl Marx was “born” and so did the biggest lie of all times.

The birth certificate of the so called “Karl Marx” stated that “he” was born on the 15th of May 1818. Now…let’s take a close look at those figures…the 15th day of any month roughly occurs at the middle of any month, is that right? Voilà! That´s the reason why this particular day was chosen for this phony Marx to be born: as the exploited workers in Germany receive their salaries at the end of each month, at the middle of the month almost everybody is already broken, and that’s the best time to let the anarchist propaganda out. Throughout History, the 15th day of any month has been a headache for rulers; everybody knows — and you should know too, stupid! — that King Nabucodonosor of ancient Persia was murdered on 15th of May by an anarchist called “Grouch Marx”, back in 1818 b. C. So, just connect the dots (stupid!): Grouch Marx + 15th + May +1818. Got it?

At that time, the university of Bonn was filled up with anarchist shitheads and the board of the university was led by the great anarchist Fritz Vass Fidor (PhD, PhD, PhD, PhD, PhD), who was a close friend of the aforementioned Count Von Brovsky. Vass Fidor was in love with his young French assistant at the university, the beautiful Mademoiselle Du Minet. Du Minet was in charge of the student files and curricula at the university. However, Du Minet was in love with a French convict, Marcel Batmapugnet, who was imprisoned by torturing his grand-mother. In exchange of getting Batmapugnet out of prison, Du Minet agreed to forge some curricula files in which a so called “Karl Marx” appeared as being a student. In exchange, Vass Fidor pulled some strings out and the local government conceded the immediate release of Batmapugnet. Additionally, Du Minet performed a late night show for Fritz Vass Fidor, along with seven dwarfs.

Later on, as Engels was living in London to spread his anarchist theory, he took a picture of a dirty old beggar near by the Tower of London, and that’s the picture chosen by the anarchists to personify the great myth of Karl Marx. Well, it’s sad to know that, only in one century, hundreds of millions died in the name of a guy that did not exist.

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